Nobukazu takemura - 10th premium cd-rom

In the summer of ’99, Thrill Jockey released two works by Nobukazu Takemura, the full length Scope and it’s companion 12" Meteor, both of which were minimalist records noted for their delicate beauty. Takemura’s output in the US up to this point had been limited to imports released under the Child’s View, and Audio Sports Monikers. Shortly before the release of these titles many were introduced to Takemura through his appearance on the Steve Reich tribute CD, Reich Remixed. A subsequent one time only show alongside DJ Spooky, Bang on a Can and Coldcut in support of the Remixed record proved to be a revelation for those in attendance and he was singled out by the New York Times for his "brilliant" performance. Later that year Takemura toured the states with Jim O’Rourke and Brokeback in support of Scope. After the tour he spent an extended time in Chicago in order to collaborate with Ken "Bundy" Brown, Douglas McCombs and John McEntire. These sessions proved to be the cornerstones for what would become Sign. In the time between those recordings and the completion of Sign, Takemura issued another 12" and record (Hoshi No Koe) on Thrill Jockey and toured the US and Canada opening for Tortoise. Hoshi No Koe hinted at the direction Sign would go, which in turn is much different than Scope, and his time on tour proved to be a nightly "coming out" type of experience to many people.

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Nobukazu Takemura - 10th Premium CD-RomNobukazu Takemura - 10th Premium CD-RomNobukazu Takemura - 10th Premium CD-RomNobukazu Takemura - 10th Premium CD-Rom

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