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A human story from the hellhole Zimbabwe has become – with the West’s acquiescence of course. For although Western leaders may criticise him publicly, they opened the way for Mugabe’s ascent to power, just as they did with Saddam

In his approach to development, which was articulated in his manifesto popularly known as Mahinda Chinthana, which was later translated into a 10-year development framework after he was elected as President and had been discussed at length at several forums including Sri Lanka Development Forum held in Galle, emphasis was placed on (a) restoring peace and security which was lacking for the past three decades hampering our development prospects, (b) infrastructure development, which is an essential prerequisite for rapid development in the country (c) social and cultural development underscoring culture, arts, religion and sports required to create a value based society (d) agriculture and SMEs; the backbone of our economy that provide livelihood to a majority (e) promotion of value added industries and services and local entrepreneurship (f) widening of education and health services across the country and improved access to such facilities (g) empowerment of the rural and plantation economy, (h) strengthening labour relations and productivity (i) private sector development by incentivising exports and competitive import substitution activities (j) promoting sound financial policies for a stable economic environment with a market friendly policy framework and (k) an environment friendly development - Nillapiruna Ratak.

Various - Terror MacroVarious - Terror MacroVarious - Terror MacroVarious - Terror Macro

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